Steamed Milk and Foamed Milk, What’s the Difference?


Steamed Milk and Foamed Milk – Baristas definitely have their own technique for serving milk-based coffee, whether it’s a cappuccino or a latte. In preparing it is also different, the ratio of milk and espresso is also a concern for this milk coffee dish. Basically the preparation of espresso on latte and cappuccino is no different, the difference is only in the ratio of milk used, if the latte uses more milk, the cappuccino uses milk which has slightly more foam content. But at first glance, there is no difference between steamed milk and foamed milk, so how do you tell the difference between the two?

why do you froth milk for coffee

And when the difference between steam and foam is still confused, then the question arises again, in serving milk coffee, how to prepare milk more optimally, whether to use steamed milk or milk that is made into foam. These questions are what support the barista to explore in terms of preparation and also the taste of the two characters of the prepared milk. What is the character of the milk that is steamed and what is the character of the milk that becomes foam.

Coffee and Milk

Coffee and Milk
Coffee and Milk

The combination is dramatic, because almost everyone falls in love with milk-based coffee, whether it’s served hot or cold. Some even who don’t like coffee, will become interested and switch to coffee because of the coffee milk serving. Coffee combined with milk creates a complex taste character, in this case the character of the milk highlights the character of the coffee and goes deeper to create a caramel flavor, floral aroma, and the characteristic taste of the coffee bean.

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Therefore the composition of milk itself consists of sugar, fat and protein. When these compounds can develop texture and taste, the secret behind the delicious coffee milk drink. The reason is that many have suggested in some reviews, to pass on a friend to love coffee, then introduce him to a cappuccino or latte Steamed Milk vs Boiled milk.

Foamed Milk (Does a milk frother Steam Milk)

Many also know it as frothed milk, created because this hot milk is stirred quickly using a milk frother or given air using a steam wand in an espresso machine. Foamed milk – this milk foam will form two layers, foamy milk foam and the other layer is a layer of milk. When you pour foamed milk, you only see foam and a little layer of milk.

Ideally, foamed milk is prepared for servings such as cappuccinos. The foam will be on the top layer of the coffee dish, and only a little will fall down on the coffee layer, and when drunk creates an interesting taste.

how to steam milk without a steamer

Steamed Milk

If foamed milk is used to make milk foam and the milk is not too flavorful, then steamed milk helps develop the character of the milk from its taste and texture. Making steamed milk using steam that is sprayed from the steam wand on the espresso machine, thus developing the texture of the milk, this texture helps the barista to create art on the latte surface.

Usually steamed milk is used to serve latte with art, because in the process of steaming milk, the composition is stirred evenly so that the sugar and milk fat are more divided than milk frothing, and is better known as “microfoam”. This microfoam creates a thick texture of a mixture of milk and foam that has a glossy finish that looks like white paint.